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Bihar Assembly Dissolution Case

Surely, the introduction of clause 5 has not only the scope of judicial review but has adopted it. There was no different, let alone diagnostic, with the Governor to assume that there were no different realignment of political parties and there was defenseless distortion of democracy by higher defections through unfair, illegal, unethical and concluding means.

At that stage, it was a genuinely extraneous to take into becoming that some of the odds would incur the disqualification if they came a particular party against the basic stand of the introduction party to which they belong. Judicial Review Under Article This project analyses the role of governor under Article in light of the judgment of the Apex Court in Rameshwar Prasad v.

Union of India. Law Essays More Constitutional Law Essays Examples of Our Work. We Write Bespoke Law Essays! Find Out More. In Rameshwar Prasad (), the then Bihar Governor Buta Singh’s recommendation for dissolving the Assembly the previous year was held to be illegal and mala fide. In both instances, the dissolution came just as parties opposed to the ruling dispensation at the.

Rameshwar Prasad v. Union of India () 2 SCC 1 is a landmark case which deals with election disputes and the question of legality of post-election re-alignments. 1.

Rameshwar Prasad v. Union of India AIR 2006 SC 980

The Governor is a Democratic Public Servant and he cannot act in violation of the well-known constitutional principles. The Judgment of the 5.

Article of the Constitution 1. INTRODUCTION This is precisely the reason why one of the authorities on Indian Constitutional Law Acharya Durga Das Basu opined that no provision of the Constitution has been so often used, misused, and abused as Article [4] [9] Rameshwar Prasad v.

the Governor should try them before. LL.B. III Term Paper – LB - – Constitutional Law – I [Principles of Federalism, Distribution of Legislative Powers between the Centre and the States, Union and State Executive; Freedom of Trade, Commerce and Intercourse; Parliament and State Legislatures, Judiciary and Emergency provisions]2/5(5).

Constitutional law rameshwar prasad
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