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David Holzman is a freelancer based in Lexington, Mass., formerly of Washington, D.C., who covers medicine and science. Besides WebMD, his work has appeared in Smithsonian, Journal of the National.

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Literature as Delayed Dialogue: A Conversation with Kike

by. Paul Holzman. A family man, father of three, martial arts aficionado, and longtime acolyte of Charles Bukowski, Karl Marx, and North American crime writers, Kike is known for his crime fiction. which seems very distinct from his trade as a writer.

Paul Holzman: I believe it was. “Do you have any data on raccoons?” asks David Holzman, a science writer from Lexington, Massachusetts.

“I was bitten by a raccoon at the Oakland Zoo in ” “We looked at cats,” Hanauer says. In Robert Benton and David Newman were two young writers working for Esquire magazine in New York, when they first had the idea to write a screenplay based on the Depression-era gangsters Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.

David holzman science writer
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