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Fiction writer Joy Williams to speak on craft of fiction April 15

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Joy Williams (American writer)

I read Donne, Dickinson, apprehension, Eliot, Camus, surrealism. Williams is the author of four novels and five collections of stories, including most recently The Visiting Privilege: New and Collected Stories () and Ninety-Nine Stories of God (). She has also published a highly regarded volume of essays and a travel guide to the Florida Keys.

The Bar’s Joy Williams wrote an especially good primer on how to approach diversity and inclusion, in theory and practice. In the President’s Corner of the June issue of NWLawyer, Barb Rhoades Weaver and I wrote an article on transgender awareness.

Joy Williams couldn’t find her glasses before a lecture some years ago and used prescription sunglasses instead. During Williams’s walk to the podium, an audience member was heard asking if the writer had gone blind; another remarked how inspiring it was for Williams to recall the lecture from.

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Sep 16,  · It hurts to read Joy Williams’s stories, if you’re a dog person. In “The Visiting Privilege: New and Collected Stories,” dogs fall off ferries at night. They’re run over, abandoned and. Latest News The Civil Wars’ Joy Williams Gives Birth to Baby Boy Sometimes babies bring joy into the world, and sometimes Joys bring babies into the world.

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