Scamper brainstorming method

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How to use the SCAMPER technique

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How to use the SCAMPER technique

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A Guide to the SCAMPER Technique for Creative Thinking

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What other product or unclear could you use?. The SCAMPER brainstorming technique uses a set of directed questions to resolve a problem (or The SCAMPER Technique is used to produce original ideas.

The creative process thrives on preparation, con- methods, and approaches that propel development forward and. © Infinite Innovations Ltd To copy, print, use offline, use as corporate training or on your network you need a licence Welcome to the SCAMPER tutorial This web page is a tutorial on just one part of a free training web site on brainstorming.

The SCAMPER method of brainstorming was developed by Bob Eberle, an education expert, who described SCAMPER is more detail in his book, Games for Imagination Development.

Learn How to Use the Best Ideation Methods: SCAMPER

Alex Osborn, credited by many as the originator of brainstorming, originally came up with many of the questions used in the technique. However, it was Bob Eberle, an education administrator and author, who organized these questions into the SCAMPER mnemonic.

Brainstorming - the SCAMPER method 1. Brainstorming The SCAMPER method 2. Substitute Combine Add / adapt Modify / maximize / minimize Put to other use Eliminate Rearrange or reverse.

The SCAMPER method of brainstorming is a structured approach to thinking creatively to innovation and create problem-solving solutions. Each letter of the acronym stands for a different brainstorming prompt: Substitute, combine, adapt, modify, put to another use, eliminate and reverse.

Idea Generation and Problem Solving Using SCAMPER Technique Scamper brainstorming method
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SCAMPER technique training for lateral thinking