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If life is becoming too overwhelming, therapy could be the solution to your problems. Give us a call and we can talk, the healing begins today. Resource for sex addictions counseling and intimacy disorders. Get sex addiction information that will be helpful to people who are experiencing sexually addictive or compulsive behaviors and/or preoccupations or who may have gotten into trouble because of sexual behavior.

We will connect you with a licensed online therapist that can communicate with you using your choice of video, phone, live chat or text messaging.

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You'll receive unlimited access to counseling sessions for an affordable cost that is usually lower than traditional face-to-face therapy.

Get help and get happy today. Mumbai Psychiatry Clinics (MPC) has a team of Psychiatrists and Psychologists in India who offer face to face & online counseling. Our Counselor are expert in treatment & management of mental illnesses like Depression, Stress, Anger, Sex, Addiction, Anxiety etc.

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) A cognitive–behavioral model of is an empirically based psychological intervention.

It uses a combination of mindfulness and commitment based counseling techniques coupled with behavior changes.

Sex counseling online
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