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The Master of the Squarcialupi Codex

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Squarcialupi Codex (Various)

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Copy of Squarcialupi Codex (auction 2014)

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Zacara da Teramo

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Uncopyrighted 14th-century portrait; from the Squarcialupi Codex This image is a faithful reproduction of a two-dimensional work of art and thus not copyrightable in itself in the U.S.

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Jacopo da Bologna

We. Master Squarcialupi Codex Tweet ( - ) Find artworks, auction results, sale prices and pictures of Master Squarcialupi Codex at auctions worldwide. Polyphonic Secular Music and National Styles From Dance to Art Music. Because the Squarcialupi Codex is retrospective, it includes compositions in the older Italian style with long, flowing, elaborate passages, as well as those composed later in the century by Francesco Landini.

These are written with shorter, less elaborate phrases.

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The Squarcialupi Codex is an important document because it supplies us, in one book, with an illustrated history of Italian songs before Franco-Flemish. Paolo da Firenze (Paolo Tenorista, "Magister Dominus Paulas Abbas de Florentia") (c.

– after September 20, ) was an Italian composer and music theorist of the late 14th and early 15th centuries, the transition from the musical Medieval era to the Renaissance.

Squarcialupi codex
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