Srs for online shopping system

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shopping system. The E-R Design of Online Shopping System PowerDesigner [3, 4] is the CASE tool set of Sybase, it can make data flowchart, concept data model, physical data model and can also control the generated data model. This system uses PowerDesigner to set up data and induct E-R model to MySQL, and generate physical data sheets.

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This software system will be an online academic portal for any university wishing to manage their academic needs online. More specifically to design and develop a simple and intuitive system which shall cater the academic needs of any institute.

The system shall provide features to the user of an educational institute to be part of different types. This SRS describes the features and architectural design of the online shopping system(OSS).

It is helpful for any business or shop who based on Laptops, tablets, phones,computer PC to manage the online customers.

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Srs for online shopping system
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