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#3 In a certain coding system used by the military intelligence, URMILA is written as SACHIN. KANIKA is written as NOROIN and TANISHA is written as INTERNL. Documents Similar To TCS Aptitude Exam-Paper1.

Essay English. Latest Mock Paper of TCS with Answers. Mock Paper of a company makes a students familiar with the latest pattern of written test who is preparing for campus placements or for off campus placement drives.

Nov 21,  · TCS Online exam sample paper from TCS open seesame programme Nov 21, Questions: 15 Time: 40 minutes # 1 36 people { TCS Openseesame (Open Seesame): More questions (3) Find the value of (74*74**70*70) pillar temple of Hyderabad.

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IT Companies Papers. Legit rankings of the very best online Here are all the IT Companies Question Papers, Accenture Previous papers, Deloitte Sample Papers.

HCL Placement papers, TCS Questions are relatively easy. Infosys Written Test Paper and Questions forTechMahindra Questions with solutions, IBM Question Papers, Oracle Placement. Written Test procedure: In this section, eligible students are asked to write an exam which is conducted by TCS representatives.

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Each student gets the different questions, but as of the same pattern and type. Free Online Aptitude Practice Test and questions - answers with explanation for interview, competitive examination and entrance test and Read more basic Questions and find out how much you score before you appear for your next interview and written test.

Tcs online written test papers
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Tcs written test papers | Latest Tcs test papers