Various factors on which internal resistance of a cell depends

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Electrical Cells and Batteries

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Virulence factors should never be considered independently of the host's defenses; the clinical course of a disease often depends on the interaction of virulence factors with the host's response. An infection begins when the balance between bacterial pathogenicity and host resistance is upset.

Measuring the EMF and Internal Resistance of a Cell All the new specifications include “measure the internal resistance of a cell” as one of the practicals.

Electric Potential Difference

This is probably a new bit of physics for your students, and although the practical is straightforward to set up, collecting and processing the data is more of a challenge.

potential difference of some voltaic cells. Investigate factors that may or may not affect the Use Practical sheet: Making and testing electrochemical cells.

Battery Life (and Death)

Task 3 Emf and internal resistance Find out about emf and internal resistance, and how they can be determined experimentally. the different types of cells and batteries on the.

current through it is called the internal resistance of the cell. Factors affecting Internal Resistance of a cell: i) Larger the separation between the electrodes of the cell, more the length of the cell. i.e. internal resistance depends on the nature of the electrolyte. individual internal resistances.

Episode 121: EMF and internal resistance Various factors on which internal resistance of a cell depends
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