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A Collaborative Writing Team

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After spending more a decade working in the complexity care field, Jennifer has a well-rounded math of hospital functionality, medical arena, and disease processes. Cecily Anne Paterson is a young adult author and blogger. She is also a copywriter, editor, ghostwriter and freelancer for hire.


The Writers For Hire is a team of Houston based copywriters, ghostwriters and editors specializing in copy for business, web, non-fiction and fiction writing. The Writers For Hire is a team of Houston based copywriters, ghostwriters and editors specializing in copy for business, web, non-fiction and fiction writing.

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Hire the best Article Writers Work with the world’s best talent on Upwork — the top freelancing website trusted by over 5 million businesses. Get Started How It Works/5(). The Writers For Hire is a team of Houston based copywriters, ghostwriters and editors specializing in copy for business, web, non-fiction and fiction writing.

At The Writers For Hire, you are hiring not just one copywriter, but a streamlined team of experienced copy writing professionals based in Houston, TX. To sort easily click: jobs only, or writers only This is a subreddit for writers looking for jobs, and for employers willing to hire them.

Minimum rate is 5 cents/word, job offers or hire me posts below that rate would be cerrajeriahnosestrada.comibers: 10K.

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